onsdag 2 mars 2011

WHAT is this?!

HAhaha oh dear, WHAT am I crocheting?! Well it IS the wiener (haha) dog's body but I cant help myself from thinking of something else.. :O Omg, I so need to grow up :P

I had a great day today! School was good, I came home and called that job-lady, she works at a reqruitement office and they are currently looking for people who can substitute during summer. That call also went fine, then I took the bus downtown to meet up with my friend Sara.
She and I are gonna take a kroqui-class together starting tomorrow, so I had to buy some materials for it. When we were done with our shopping we took a fika, talked about cooking, art, creation and other wonderful things.
I came home and made a really tasty veggie lasagna. Nom nom.
I had a busy but fun day, but I cant relax just yet, I have some schoolwork that is waiting for my attention. Unfortunatly it's not gonna make itself >_<

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