fredag 4 mars 2011


I was on my very first kroqui-class yesterday. :)
I met up with Sara and we had a nice dinner at a saladbar. We had some problems with finding our way to the class but her Iphone saved us (I wants one!)

I was excited and nervous, I hadnt drawn
kroqui before and it is an advanced class..
But when everyone had introduced themselves I knew that I wasnt the only one who had no experience of it. And that felt good :)

We started with an exercise that made us shift ease (and picture!) with eachother, every 3 minute we switched place clockwise. So when we were
done everyone had painted on every picture 1-2 times. It was fun! Nice to see the model from different angles but a bit frustrating aswell, the minute you almost felt ready with maybe a foot and wanted to fix the other one, the time was up and you had to switch to next picture.
This is "my" picture from that exerice (I started it)

And then we took a new paper, the model remained in the same pose and we drawed for 20 minutes. I worked much with proportions and making her stand right, didnt have time for her head or details. I got a bit disapointed when the time was up because I could have been standing there all night with this piece.
Finally we got a new pose every third minute, it was fun to just flow, but hard aswell. Im just gonna show you one of these pictures.

It was really fun! Im looking forward to the next class which will be in 2 weeks, its winter sports holidays in Sweden next week so theres no school, many of the attendants in class were going away so they postponed the class one week.

Something else:
I have noticed that Im about to break the magical 10.000 visitors number. Which ofc is gonna be a big celebration! Dont forget to check in and see what my secret plans are ^^

4 kommentarer:

  1. Visst är den pandan ljuvlig! :D Jag älskar den också! Ska absolut göra en egen någon gång. Jag avgudar tjocka runda saker ;)

  2. Hej!
    Vad glad jag blev när jag hittade din blogg!
    Gud vad du virkar fint!
    Jag är också en virkare som älskar att virka.
    Kika gärna in på min blogg;)
    om du inte hittar den så lägger jag till en länk ifall.
    ( )
    Glada hälsningar/ Julia :D

  3. Kroki är verkligen kul, man lär sig så himla mycket! Jag gick på en krokikurs för några år sedan på en folkhögskola och det gav så mycket, väldigt lärorikt. Människokroppen innehåller verkligen alla möjliga former. Kanske ska ta och leta upp en krokikurs igen...vem vet, kanske hjälper det till att få tillbaka lite inspiration? :)

  4. Bra jobbat! Har testat kroki men det var på tok för svårt för mig. Ett par minuter per bild...pha!! Skulle behövt minst ½ timme. Mina figurer såg helt lealösa ut. Hahaha


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