onsdag 2 mars 2011

Cozy morning

Good morning everyone!
Im gonna try to write in english today and see how it feels, I have noticed that I have some followers from other countries so I'm gonna try this and see how it goes, bare with my typos and grammatical mistakes ^^

Im up early today, I have my first class in school 11:10 but Im up early since I missed an important job-call yesterday. So the plan was to call them before school. So I went up at 8:00 only to learn that their telephone hours does not start until 10:00. >_< Ahwell, It's really nice to be up at this hour. I usually try to sleep as long as possible but maybe I shouldnt.. I made myself some breakfast, sandwiches and hot chocholate. And now Im chitchatting with my sister on msn and crocheting a bit, gonna listen to my book and just relax. :) This is what Im working on atm, its a wiener dog from Elisabeth A. Dohertys book "Amigurumi - Super Happy Crochet Cute". Im not sure if I choose the perfect yarn for this project but its a bit fun, we'll see how it turns out :)
I must tell you how happy I am! You guys are the nicest readers! Everyday you post nice and encouraging comments on my blogposts, and I get more and more followers for each day. It means a lot to me! Thank you!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Tack! :D

    Aha, okej! Vad fiffigt! :D Ska testa det någon gång! ^^

  2. Ser ut att bli en rolig figur det där, följer med spänning :)

  3. Oh, varm choklad! Nu blev jag sugen! :D

  4. Galet garn! Det där lär bli en färgsprakande kreation. Blir spännande att se resultatet :)


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