lördag 20 augusti 2011

My first sewing project

Hi all!

I hope u all had a fabulous summer! I've been working most of the time, but I have tried to enjoy the few sunny days I've been off work. :) Soon it's autumn, I love autumn. Really. All the colors, the smell of rotten leaves.. mmm.. Anyways.. I took a trip downtown today and bought this amazing book by Linda Carr. My grandmothers old sewing machine was one of the stuff I brought home from my trip to Stockholm in July and I was kind of eager to try it! So I bought the book and also two cute pieces of fleece fabric.

I love pigs so I decided to make one, here is a pic of the work in progress..

I am finished, and I am happy about it. I did have some problems with the sewing machine tho :( Maybe I have to buy a new one anyways?
I will show you guys the finished pig tomorrow! Now its time to cuddle up next to my boyfriend in bed and stay away from the biting bugs :) night night!

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