torsdag 10 mars 2011

My week until today

Hi you :)

I had the most un-creative week so far in months. I dont think I have crocheted more than maybe 5 minutes since Wienerdog was finnished.
Im on a little holiday from school since it's "winter sports holiday" in Sweden right now.
Me and my man havent been doing any sports, but we have been good grown ups and cleaned the appartment, done some shopping (for food) and walked like almost around the globe.. :P

I also have some studying to do. Im a bit mad about that to be honest. We have a final test in the class Im taking right now, 'The Human, in a social and cultural perspective' (Människan socialt och kulturellt), me and my classmates got to vote on what day we wanted to take the test: On Friday before the holiday, or on Monday after the holiday. And most students put their vote in Monday.
Which for me is unbeliveable. Would have ben so nice to do it before the break.
But no. >_< Now I have to study on my holiday. Buhuu poor me.. :P

No matter how much I wish that my desk looked like this all my holiday:
(pic borrowed from
This is the ugly and boring truth:

I must confess tho that I have been doing other things aswell, I have been playing some world of warcraft, my maincharacter Mirjahmia is soon dinging lvl 85 (and im so EXCITED!)

And Oh. One more thing. I quit eating candy (chocolate!) !!!!
Im not sure how to survive it but I got a nasty suprise when I borrowed my mother-in-law's scale, so I dont have much choice. :(

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  1. pffff good luck by not eating chocolate, i know the problem!


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